The IBM EdTech Youth Challenge

Looking After Our World
Join the IBM EdTech Youth Challenge and help impact what matters to you in our World.
General Competition Overview

Teams of students and teachers present compelling projects where technology helps solve existing or imminent problems facing society. Project ideas receiving the highest scores will have access to experts from IBM and our partners to transform ideas into solutions that can be used in communities across the world.

We invite teachers and their students, IBM employees, and IBM partner organizations that are passionate about looking after our world to join an upcoming challenge. You'll have the opportunity to create solutions to help improve our communities through technology expertise and emerging technologies (e.g., Cloud, AI, Blockchain, and so forth).

I’m Ready to Accept the Challenge
Don’t see a competition in your area? Our competitions are open to teachers and their students in the specified host locations. In all cases, teachers and their students must abide by each competition's rules and regulations to be eligible to compete. If you'd like to have a competition hosted in your area, e-mail your interest to us at the meantime, check out what IBM is doing to prepare the future workforce with the skills needed for success.